Why you should work here!
Why you should work here!

Why you should work here!


The Meaning behind our Name


Commutatus, the Latin word for “change”, is what we believe in. The constancy and inevitability of change are everyday phenomena. This principle is reflected in all of our work and the way we think. We constantly update and improve our creations to conform to the latest technology and industry standards.

We aspire to be synonymous with awesome digital products.

Our Vision


For Clients

Make their businesses bloom rapidly through the advanced technology and strategy that we equip them with.


For You

Help you reach your professional, personal, and financial goals.

The Values we Live by



We embrace challenges, each bigger than the last.



Innovation is at the heart of what we do.



We believe in the ability of our team, its culture, and its practices to achieve the impossible.



True to oneself, team & partners in words and deeds.



We are encouraged to think differently.



We push ourselves to the highest standard in every pursuit.

Perks and Benefits of Working with Us


A Fair Leave Policy

We have a fair leave policy for you and us!

  1. The entire company is on leave in the last week of December (maybe, you’re a fan of Sunburn?)
  2. All employees must take a week off over the course of the year (let’s get that overdue Himalayan trek done!).
  3. You also have the autonomy to take paid leave for the festivals that you want to celebrate.
  4. All of this and unlimited sick leaves.

Sounds too good to be true? We made it a reality for ourselves!


Our Team Structure

We work in Squads!

One of our most extensive experiments this year was to pilot a Squad, a cross-functional team consisting of designers, developers, and project managers.

People were sceptical at first, but over time the team loved working together - each member was able to speak their minds, improve processes, and grow professionally, delivering projects quickly and efficiently with better results.

We are not naïve enough to say that the journey did not have its share of challenges, but overall it got us closer to our vision. As of June 2022, most of Commutatus’ operations have been running through Squads.


One size does fit all!

Templating our way into the future.

Most platforms have similar requirements and problems. Instead of building or solving for these individuals,

  1. We focus on drawing patterns across these platforms.
  2. Creating a core internal framework.
  3. Making slight tweaks to customise it to the different clients we have.

Very often, you will find yourself working on our internal frameworks be it in design, engineering or data, and customising them to cater to specific requirements.

We’re in the business of working smart and not re-inventing the wheel (especially wheels that we’ve ourselves built!).


Build for Scale

Our systems service over a million users!

You’ll be working on platforms with over a million users, with mission-critical functionality that is the bread and butter of our clients.

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve learned how to build modern systems that adapt to both changing business needs, and the ever-growing scale of operations.

So you are not building a cog in the wheel, but rather the whole engine!


Work on Interesting Problems

Our client roster is quite diverse.

Our client roster is quite diverse. We have startups that are just hitting the 1000-user milestone, and global organisations with millions of users.

As a result, our team is constantly being challenged and pushed to solve interesting problems.


We Like to Experiment

Some of them work, some don’t.

But that’s okay, we are wiser at the end of each of them. Here’s a few ways we do it-

  1. By contributing to open source.
  2. By building our extensive design library.
  3. By creating a tool to optimise the way we track time.
  4. By the way we manage teams (more on our next point - Our Team Structure)


We love Intrapreneurs

Bring your ideas to life!

One of the biggest drivers of Commutatus’ growth has been the initiatives of its people.

We take pride in the autonomy and support we provide our employees to not just think of ideas but also see them through. Be it our college recruitment program, our annual company conference - Comcon, team structures and processes, or even the existence of a data science team.

All of these started as employee initiatives and evolved into full-fledged operational processes by people working here!


Support from your Teammates!

Peers are an essential piece of this puzzle.

Every employee at Commutatus is part of “Chapters”, groups of people with similar skill sets and “Squads”, a cross-functional team.

Because of this, at any given time, you can closely observe how people in different roles work and have the space to discuss problems with people in similar positions.

In addition, our people receive constant mentoring on achieving their professional goals.

Peers are an essential piece of this puzzle, which is why all designs and code go through a rigorous peer-review process that focuses on not just optimising code but also the process of thinking and learning.


Solve Problems the Right Way

We are not fans of quick fixes or bandages.

We’re not going to say that everything is perfect at Commutatus, it is definitely far from it. We acknowledge this and strive to get better every day.

One of the cornerstones in how we think and do things is asking ourselves, would this work in the long haul? We start by identifying the root cause of everything and solving it from there.

We are not fans of quick fixes or bandages, and we’re committed to getting things done the right way.

We built the website without code on Notion and Super.

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