GraphQL naming Conventions

GraphQL naming Conventions

Apr 8, 2022 8:18 AM

GraphQL naming conventions

The GraphQL specification is flexible and doesn’t impose specific naming guidelines. However, it’s helpful to establish a set of conventions to ensure consistency across your organization. We recommend the following:

  • Field names should use camelCase like, currencyList. Many GraphQL clients are written in JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, or Swift, all of which recommend camelCase for variable names.
  • Type names should use PascalCase like, ConversationParticipant. This matches how classes are defined in the languages mentioned above.
  • Enum names should use PascalCase.
  • Enum values should use ALL_CAPS because they are similar to constants. If you are using kebab-case in the queries then, you can easily translate them using the provided ruby method.
  • def to_kebab
    	return self.downcase.dasherize
  • Folder and file names are lower case.
  • File names include the name of the component the file represents. Plurals are used in folder names, but not in file names.
  • Don’t prefix the files of subfolders with anything because they already live under the them and naming it like user_profile_queries.rb or company_mutation.rb would be redundant and wouldn’t matter.
  • Mutation should start with an action they are trying to perform, like, createCompany.
  • Queries should describe what you are looking for, like, userComments.

Folder and file structure