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Scout APM

What is APM?

Application Performance Monitoring (APM), as the name suggests, is the process of monitoring the performance of the many aspects of your application (i.e., CPU processors, memory, storage of machines that host your web servers, APIs, databases, file systems, etc.).

Common Use Cases for APMs

  • Application Development
  • Identifying Performance Bottlenecks
  • Real-time Performance Alerts and Insights
  • Monitor and Track End User Experience
  • Cost optimisation

Getting started with Scout


  • Response Time - MEAN

    Average response time for a selected time frame(74.2).

  • Response Time - 95th

    95% of requests response is below this value(127.6). Also one more thing to take note is this value should not exceed Mean response time * 4X (74.2*4 = 296.8)

  • Throughput

    Total number of request per minute for a selected time frame

  • Errors

    404, 500 errors happened during the selected time frame

  • Memory

    Memory usage of the application


    Apdex is a measurement of user’s level of satisfaction based on the response time of request(s) when interacting with the application. 0-1 (0 being unsatisfactory and 1 being satisfactory).


What to look into Scout?