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Error Management

It’s very important to have a standardised set of error codes and messages in a platform to ensure that the frontend and backend are aligned on how to handle different situations and react accordingly.

The table below has the following components

  • Code - A larger level grouping of the error similar to the status codes used in HTTP responses
  • Sub Code - A sub set of the code identifying the specific error for a system.
  • Message - A message that can be shown to the end user.

Some common errors are described here and are supported by the following application tempates

  • Commutatus Rails Templates
  • Commutatus Angular Starter Pack
  • Commutatus React Boilerplate
Name Code Sub-code Message Comments
Failed Login unauthorized invalid_login_combination Incorrect email/password combination  
Invalid Access Token unauthorized invalid_access_token    
Permission Denied unauthorized permission_denied    
Internal Server Error internal_server_error internal_server_error   We normally also return the Rollbar UUID
ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid unprocessable_entity record_invalid e.message from ActiveRecord